Bike Maintenance Tips and Guide

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Bike Maintenance Tips and Guide

Engine oil level

Engine oil is a vital determinant for proficient cruiser execution and expanded engine life. Use of Genuine Engine Oil who have an exceptional quality & designed to meet the oil prerequisites.

We strongly suggest that you Genuine engine oil in addition to keep up with ideal motor execution during outrageous driving circumstances.

How to check the engine oil level?

engine oil levelIn order to check the level of the engine oil, the vehicle should be on main stand. Check the engine oil level using the dipstick. The engine oil level should be maintained between the upper and the lower level marks of the dipstick. In case it is needed, top up the engine oil up to the upper level on the dipstick.

Replace the engine oil if it is due for replacement

Battery Maintenance

Your motorcycle battery needs periodical support to guarantee a long and inconvenience free life. Do the accompanying checks at normal stretches for a dependable battery execution.

Check the electrolyte level against the top and bottom markings on the battery shell. Continuously top up with refined water at whatever point required.

Check for any spillage from battery. It should be perfect and liberated from any spillages. In the event of non utilization of motorcycle, battery should be kept fully charged  and electrolyte level ought to be at Top imprint.

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