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Frequently Ask Questions

  • What is On-Road Price?

    On-Road Price is the final price that the costumer has to pay for the vehicle. This includes the ex-showroom price and the road tax, octroi / municipal charges, insurance, and vehicle handling charges / other charges. While we try and keep updated accurate information on On-Road prices from across the country, very small variations may exist based on the dealer from which the price quote is received.

  • What is Ex-Showroom Price?

    The Ex-Showroom Price is the price set by the manufacturer for a city. This price varies from city to city and includes the factory price plus additional local / octroi taxes etc.

  • What is Road Tax?

    Road-Tax is a one time tax paid to the state government for registering an using a vehicle in the city. It varies by state and also by the segment and price of the bike. This is included in the On-Road price of the car. If you move your vehicle to another state, then the Road Tax would have to be paid again to run that vehicle in that state.

  • What about Insurance?

    Vehicle Insurance is mandatory and you can either purchase it from the dealer or outside. The dealer often gives a discount on the insurance so this can be an area of negotiation with the dealership.

  • Are there any more charges in the On-Road Price?

    Some dealers charge additional vehicle handling or logistic charges. This would vary from dealer to dealer. We try to estimate such charges and include them in the On-Road Price.